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Consenting relationships that are of concern to Iowa State University are those romantic, sexual, or intimate relationships in which both parties appear to have consented, but where there is a reporting or evaluation relationship between the two parties. Consenting relationships between teachers and students, supervisors and employees, or colleagues when one is, or likely will be, involved in the evaluation of the other Women wants hot sex Deer Park Texas inappropriate.

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This policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 21, The University has a duty to provide for the student those privileges, opportunities, and protections which best promote the learning process in all its aspects. The relationship between an instructor [2] and a student plays an important role in accomplishing this mission. Certain responsibilities bestowed upon instructors have long been codified in the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities policy:. The teacher has the responsibility to encourage the pursuit of learning by students by manifesting the best academic standards Hot mom casual sex in Fremont va the discipline or profession.

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Consensual relationships

Refer to the full CSU Policy on Consensual Relationships for scope, definitions, applicability, and requirements, along with procedures for reporting any violation of such policy. About the Catalog Toggle About the Catalog.

Search Catalog. Pursuant to this policy, faculty members are prohibited from entering into consensual, intimate relationships with students over whom they exercise authority. Therefore, consistent with its commitment to objectivity and ethical behavior, CSU is required to intervene in such circumstances.

Print Options. CSU does not interfere with private choices regarding personal relationships when these relationships do not interfere with the goals and policies of CSU. However, consensual romantic or sexual relationships in which one party retains a direct supervisory or evaluative role over the other party have the potential to interfere with these goals and policies.

CSU is committed to the principle that its personnel shall carry out their duties in an objective and ethical fashion and Belgrade MN housewives personals an atmosphere in which conflicts of interest are identified and managed. Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering. Natural Sciences Toggle Natural Sciences. Download PDF of the entire Catalog.

A romantic, intimate, or sexual relationship in which one individual is in a position to exercise authority over the other creates conflicts of interest and perceptions of undue advantage or disadvantage. Liberal Arts Toggle Liberal Arts.

Send to Printer. Class Schedule Search.

Education Abroad Toggle Education Abroad. Consensual Relationships Catalog. Interdisciplinary Opportunities Toggle Interdisciplinary Opportunities. Agricultural Sciences Toggle Agricultural Sciences.

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Retaliation against persons who report concerns about consensual relationships is also prohibited and constitutes a violation of this policy. Financial Information Toggle Financial Information. Colleges and Programs Toggle Colleges and Programs. Business Toggle Business.

University Policies Toggle University Policies. Graduate Study Toggle Graduate Study.