payforaresearchpaper com – Similarly deputies Party of Regions.

Economic crime PR agents in Warsaw and the CBA. Until mid-September in the investigation questioned more than 70 people – including officials and employees of the Financial Supervision Authority GetBack, disclosed and protected property belonging to the suspect with a total value of almost 80 million zl and gathered nearly 200 volumes of documents – 70 binders. Until mid-September was approx. 10 thousand. GetBack creditors.

The main suspect in the case is stopped by the CBA at the airport in Warsaw after returning from Israel b. GetBack president Konrad K. He was accused, among others, attempted fraud in the amount of 250 million zl, the company inflict damage to property in large sizes – at least more than 185 million zl GetBack and take measures to obstruction of criminal proceedings and to avoid criminal liability. Former president GetBack also heard complaint of offenses relating to public dissemination of false data in the current report of the company, which could be misleading as to the value of financial instruments issued by the company, or market manipulation. K. charges for offenses against property, economic relations and violating the Act on trading in financial instruments. The maximum penalty is imprisonment up to 10 years, for such deeds can also be imposed a fine, forfeiture of proceeds of crime and the court may order compensation for damage caused by the offense. Later Warsaw agents stopped the CBA, among others, Polish President Stephen D.-M. Brokerage, whom the prosecutor accused, among others, acting to the detriment of the company jointly and in cooperation with Konrad K. – he was to be the co-founder of the network of companies, which on the basis of apparent agreements were used to derive money from GetBack. Former members of the board GetBack – Vice President Anna P., Marek P. – managing director and Bozena S., her brother Darius and S. King M.-J. including allegations have GetBack company cause damage to property in large sizes, misappropriation of more than 2 million zl with GetBack, use of a counterfeit document or request early redemption GetBack and the implementation of the agreement on the apparent over 4 million zl.

They stopped a former director of the board of GetBack Catherine M. – suspected of destroying documents, removing the traces of their crime and helping offenders to avoid criminal liability. It had also instruct individuals with GetBack, what to do to successfully destroy the evidence held by them. In another thread further investigation arrested seven people, including b. GetBack Vice President Paul T. suspected of departure from the company through a network of companies approx. 120 million zl under the guise of unfavorable contracts. Among those detained are the managing directors and dealing with debt collection in GetBack and people from the bailiff, among others, owner bailiff office in Warsaw, and b. The assessor and former bailiff bailiff. They came to arrest or b. Altus TFI board members, who were accused of causing damage to property GetBack.

B. The president and later president of the board of the TFI and Peter O. b. Board member detained by the CBA alleged that between October 2016. And the beginning of August 2017. GetBack done to approx. 160 million zl losses in connection with the sale of GetBack another company for more than 207 million zl. According to prosecutors, its value does not exceed 47 million zl, and men selling it GetBack, were aware of the actual lower value of the company and act together with others for material gain. The Commission recently backed the Polish Financial Supervision Brokerage license to operate a brokerage and imposed a fine of 2.5 million zl.

PDM has three months to the end of the whole conducting brokerage activities. PDM was one of the entities involved in the offering of bonds GetBack. GetBack company manages receivables. It was founded in 2012., And in July 2017. Its shares debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw carried out in the framework of the IPO.

In April, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, at the request of the Financial Supervision Authority, suspended trading in shares GetBacku. This happened after the April 16 morning, the company announced that it is negotiating with the Polish PKO BP and ws Development Fund. Financing of mixed credit and investment amounting to 250 million zl. With the company’s statement showed that the information agreed “with all parties involved,” meanwhile, PKO BP and PFR zdementowaly information that they lead such conversations. This caused the reaction of the KNF. As a result, the supervisory board GetBack dismissed with immediate effect Konrad K. from the position of CEO. FSA accused the former management of the company to carry out financial operations, in order to avoid the real valuation of the company’s debt.

The provisions of the prosecution in this case wrote in Wednesday portal. Syrians Almochamada Abdulhamid Al-Abdallach Fadiego and Al-Fandiego Dzasima were found guilty of terrorism on the basis of materials found in their mobile phones – pictures, text messages and phone calls with billing. They showed that they crossed the border of Bulgaria with the intention of going to Turkey and from there to Syria to join the terrorist organizations operating there. The court, however, did not accede to the prosecutor’s plea that the convicts are members of the Islamic State (IS) or the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the second sentence for terrorism issued in Bulgaria in recent months. In June this year. to four years in prison convicted of having Bulgarian citizenship and Australian 21-year-old Ivan Zacharijewa.

He was found guilty aspirations to join the terrorist groups in Syria. He was detained at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. During the investigation it was established that he was already in Syria and underwent combat training. From Sofia Ewgenia Manolowa (PAP) According to After a meeting on Wednesday in Washington with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgarayem Caso, Tillerson reported that “Mexican authorities have proposed various forms of assistance, which would be implemented in coordination with the Governor of Texas and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The head of American diplomacy, said that “offer from the government of Mexico demonstrates the generosity and comes at a very difficult time for the people of Texas, and now – when the hurricane moves on – also for the people of Louisiana.” However Tillerson, who in recent weeks – as noted by American commentators – several times took a position different from Trump’s president, said during a joint press conference with the head of Mexican diplomacy, the United States will accept the “generous offer” its southern neighbor. the authorities in Mexico City, after the attack of hurricane Harvey coast of Texas, already than last edziele offered to come to the aid of millions of Texas residents who suffered most after the passage of the element.

On Wednesday, Mexico offered to supply food, drinking water, survival craft and rescue teams to help Mexican who speak Spanish and English. Similar assistance – like the media – the state testified that after the disaster that Hurricane Katrina had prepared a Louisiana and the largest city of this state – the New Orleanowi in 2005. Mexican then the offer was gratefully accepted by the administration of then-President George W. Bush, who led a very friendly policy towards the southern neighbor. Currently, among others, because Trump announced the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, Washington’s relations with its southern neighbor are tense. The result is that the adoption of the Mexican special offer is awkward for the American president. The head of the Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso, during a meeting with Rex Tillerson said on Wednesday about the upcoming second round of the renegotiation of the NAFTA free trade with the participation of representatives of the United States, Canada and Mexico, which will begin in Mexico City on Friday. Commentators also point out that the proposal appearing as humanitarian aid does not require explanations neighborly gesture of solidarity, the Mexican foreign minister has not linked these issues and made no mention of zadraznieniach and increase tension in bilateral relations, which followed the swearing Donald Trump for president of the United States. “We are friends, and friends have just act towards one another” – declared on Wednesday.

On the same day, the president of the Trump appearing at a rally in Springfield, Missouri, once again criticized NAFTA as the worst in the history of the agreement and announced that Mexico, which has gained the most as a result of NAFTA apparently “not happy” because of the renegotiation. A week earlier American president at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, warned that if Congress does not grant money to build a wall on the border with Mexico will lead to suspension of the federal government and once again assured that Mexico in one form or another will pay for the construction of this wall. It is no wonder that the President Trumpowi difficult today to accept the “olive branch”, he wants to give him much poorer than the United States, southern neighbor. For the same reasons will be even harder to Mexico to thank him for this gesture of goodwill. From Washington Tadeusz Zachurski (PAP) They say that populists in Europe pose a threat. Is populists ever killed someone?

The real threat is Islamic terrorists; such as Strasbourg, who in the name of their God kill people in the street – Salvini said on Friday evening in the town of Pescara Montesilvano wheel during a rally before the February regional elections in Abruzzo. Then he asked: “Where is Europe?” See also: Karczewski the meeting Kaczynski-Salvini: We need to talk about possible coalitions after the elections to the EP “Referring to the objectives of the League – his group – as part of the campaign before the elections to the European Parliament Italian Deputy Prime Minister said: “We will work for the Union, which is doing little things, but good.” “If Europe exists, let defends its borders, their traditions and security” – said the head of the Interior Ministry. During a meeting with supporters of his group Matteo Salvini, who tightened immigration policies in Italy, he expressed the opinion that the integration of immigrants is only possible with their limited numbers. He stressed that according to the Catholic Church should accept immigrants as far as possible. He noted that this position presents a “local church parishes, the Church living real problems that maybe someone in the Vatican sees only from a distance.” “I say that integration is possible with a limited number of” migrants – Salvini said, then added: “Also the Catechism of the Catholic Church says it is the responsibility of accepting the alien as far as possible, and to me this as we have already achieved.” In turn, social media the head of the Interior Ministry reiterated its opposition to calls for the adoption of women and children from two ships NGOs, which two weeks are facing the Mediterranean Sea with 49 migrants on board, rescued from drifting boat and waiting for permission to influence one of the ports. Italian ports by decision Salviniego units are closed to NGOs with migrants.

In response to the proposal to adopt groups of migrants Deputy Prime Minister said: “Human trafficking must stop. Those who flee before the war, come to Italy by plane, not a boat” .See also: Mazurka: January 9 meeting in Warsaw, Kaczynski-Salvini »In this way established humanitarian corridors to action, launched by the previous center-left governments, among others, which arrive from the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. “We can send on board medicines, food and clothes, but the end of blackmail. Less sailing boats, fewer victims. I do not change my mind,” – said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy, who will visit Poland on Wednesday. The program of his visit is to meet with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland, Joachim Brudzinskim and chairman of Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Efforts to facilitate the visa regime for Ukrainians have always been a litmus test, which showed how the authorities in Kiev are really interested in an approximation of his country to the West. Viktor Yanukovych talked a lot about the need to liberalize the Schengen, but in practice did nothing to statistical Dmytro from winery could easily enter the EU. Surrounding the president of their functions do not have to stand in queues at the consulates. Similarly deputies Party of Regions. Regulations concerning biometric passports could therefore wait. Kiev did not press.

Brussels does not go out of line. Now we have a team that is known as pro-Western. And year after Euromajdanie can no longer sweep the matter under the carpet. Ukrainians, who fought for their choice of civilization, can not be surrounded by a wall with one hand, quasi-states, the other EU fence. They must be sure that whether they enter as freely to the Union depends primarily on the state, and not officials in Brussels.

Proposals for the Eastern Partnership summit in Riga partly give them that assurance. Now the ball is in the authorities in Kiev. If you are able to carry out a revolution in biometric passports, prove that you do not despise prosaic Euromajdanu expectations. Course to the West is not only great words of the great purposes. It also clerical boredom. Biometric passport which is available quickly and without a bribe for the largest group of Ukrainians.

Zbigniew Parafianowicz, deputy head of the Official Source: DGP I am shocked by the news of the tragic death of President of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz. I know how much good he has done for Ukrainians in Poland and the Polish-Ukrainian relations. This is for all of us a great loss. pay for research paper in english language Solidarity with Polish and Polish people in grief and prayer. In honor of his memory – Poroshenko wrote on his Twitter account on Monday night. 53-year-old mayor of Gdansk, Pawel Adamowicz died in hospital on Monday afternoon.

On Sunday evening, he was stabbed in Gdansk by a 27-year-old Stephen W., who invaded the stage during the finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC). (PAP) Do you know where there are no terrorist attacks? Iceland and Japan, where there is no chance of Muslims – wrote on Facebook son of Israeli Prime Minister, known for his provocative entries. A little later he added that world peace can prevail in two cases – “if Israel will leave all Jews or Muslims all gone,” – wrote and added that he “prefers the second option.” Yair Netanyahu posts have been removed from Facebook, but this move met with sharp criticism of their author, who accused of favoring social networking texts “calling for the destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of Jews.” After that entry blocked Facebook account premiera.zobacz son of Israel also threatens Netanyahu “compensation accounts” after the attacks in the West Bank »Netanyahu: Do not sign the UN pact on migration” This is not the first time that 27-year-old son, Benjamin Netanyahu places on the internet controversial content.